Is Destiny 3 Aimed At Hardcore Players? [VIDEO]

Destiny, which ended up staying with Bungie after the devs breaking away from Activision Blizzard, might go hardcore with the next instalment.

AnonTheNine is a respectable leaker with Destiny information, as he knew a lot of things prematurely about Destiny 2 as well. He now has a few thoughts about the sequel. Let’s see what he wrote: „The goal of Destiny 3 is to cater to the hardcore audience more than anything. This game will be supposedly much more difficult than previous entries, and will very much focus on how the hardcore community of the franchise will play. Destiny 3 will also provide more RPG elements in its approach design compared to previous entries in the franchise.”

It means that the thoughts that started in September 2018 with Destiny 2: Forsaken might continue, but those never got far due to the base game. But that’s not all! He also said that Destiny 3 is in development for the next-gen PlayStation (PlayStation 5?) and (Xbox Scarlett?), with a 2020 release date! However, we don’t know if it would be a cross-gen title as the first one was. Therefore, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One might not get the new Destiny how the PS3 and the X360 got the first one in 2014. (There’s no word about a PC version…)

Of course, we have to quickly say that all this information is not confirmed, so please take them with a huge grain of salt. Still, we’re eager to see if Destiny 3 is going to be hardcore, and if so, would it be a successful title or not?

Source: WCCFTech

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