The decisive scene of the new episode of Game of Thrones is identical to one of Far Cry 3 [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The new episode of Game of Thrones could hide in full view a tribute to Far Cry 3.


If you have not yet seen The Long Night, the most recent chapter of the new season of Game of Thrones, you may not want to continue reading. And is that the night is long and harbours horrors, while this news contains an important spoiler on the new episode of the series closely related to Far Cry 3.

Many fans will have noticed that the most shocking moment of the chapter, when Arya Stark stabs the Night King, looks a lot like the moment of the death of Vaas Montenegro, the charismatic antagonist of Far Cry 3. It is not the first time we see the smallest of the Starks perform this lethal movement, in which the knife passes from one hand to another in a spectacular killing move, but this time its execution is very similar to the one we saw in the title of Ubisoft.

We leave you the video in which you can compare the two stabbings. If you think that the similarities between Game of Thrones and video games end here, or you found other similarities, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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