Wild Is Not Dead: Michel Ancel Holds Multiple Marshmallows Into The Fire!

Wow, what a surprise – Michel Ancel has not forgotten about Wild, which was announced multiple years ago (and not seen since then…), meaning the French genius, who previously also created the Rayman franchise, does something else outside Beyond Good & Evil 2 as well!

Wild Sheep Studio is located in Montpellier, in a building that was formerly owned by Ubisoft. There are 35 employees at the moment, and Sony supports them in the game’s development since 2014. They also signed a deal to make it a PlayStation 4 (?) exclusive game.

„With Sony, we have a second-party agreement. The multinational has no percentage in the company, but they support the development costs of the game through regularly renewed contracts related to the stages of progress of the project. You have to make the difference with a “first party” agreement, which is a total buyout from the independent company or a third party agreement, which grants a limited time exclusivity to the parent company. Betting on more creative projects is part of a publisher’s strategy. It is a risk-taking, especially as the level of profitability of a game can vary greatly, with marketing costs sometimes equal to development costs,” Céline Tellier, Wild Sheep Studio‘s co-founder and director, says.

These development costs would be evaluated at around 300,000 euros per month. There’s no release date announced yet, and the studio seems to go into expansion (sound design, graphic designers, programmers, special effects specialists)

Wild Sheep Studio wants to have at least 50 people in its team, potentially hiring talent from around the region. They are currently looking for people involved in code programmers, gameplay, tools, graphics, and an HR assistant.

So, Wild, which is set in the Neolithic period (around 10000-2500 BC), with a procedurally generated world (No Man’s Sky), is alive. We wouldn’t be surprised if it secretly slid over to the next-gen PlayStation…

Source: Latribune

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