F1 2019 Expands With An F2 Career Mode!

Despite launching earlier than they usually do, this year’s Formula 1-game adaptation by Codemasters will add a new category.

We can read on Formula 2‘s website that F1 2019 will make us launch our career in F2, with the game including the complete cast of the 2018 drivers and teams (with the 2019 one „digitally added later in the year, complete with online functionality”), to step up to F1 next year, just like how Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc or McLaren’s Lando Norris has done so.

A quick explanation: in Formula 2, everyone gets the same chassis and engine, meaning that nobody gets an advantage just because of a further developed car: in this category, you need raw speed, and talent to overtake. (And, a bit of personal opinion: in many cases, the F2 races end up being far more entertaining than what F1 pulls off!)

There will also be another addition in the form of player-driven narratives. You will meet two characters that will stick around you throughout your career. You could either befriend them or make them your rival. You will interact with them in specific cutscenes, where you get to choose your interactions, just like how you can pick your answer in the interviews, which was introduced in 2018. It’s not sure if the story can be good – let’s just say that 2004’s TOCA Race Driver 2, also made by Codemasters, have gone a little too far with these cutscenes. In F1 2019, we’re probably going to be a mute person, and we’re not sure if we even need this addition (because on PC forums, for years, fans have been demanding VR support to no avail, as it’s likely going to be skipped this year, too…), as it will not grow the game’s value.

F1 2019 is out on June 28, during the Austrian GP (and not the Belgian one, as the game is out two months earlier than usual!) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We don’t pin much hope on Codemasters‘ annual game…

Source: PCGamer, WCCFTech

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