PC Schedule For Quantic Dreams’ Former PlayStation-Exclusive Games! [VIDEO]

We learned when the French team’s previously PlayStation-exclusive games will show up on PC via the Epic Games Store, as (along with many other games), there’s an exclusivity deal going on. We can also try them before they launch to see how well they run on our rig (or, in worse cases, toaster).

Fortunately, all three games’ pricing have been announced, but one of the titles have no clear release date nor for the demo, neither for the full release. Here’s the plan at the moment:

  • Heavy Rain – June 24 (demo available May 24) – $19.99
  • Beyond: Two Souls – July 22 (demo available June 27) – $19.99
  • Detroit: Become Human – This Fall (demo available this summer) – $39.99


So the games will be launched in the order they came out on the PlayStation 3 (and PlayStation 4) before, which makes sense. For Detroit: Become Human, it is likely that its demo would show up in late August, followed by a late September release, if this title will follow the one-month difference seen with the other two games. All games could be bought for ten dollars less via the site’s sale at the moment. At least they release a demo, which is a fair move from them. It was quite a common thing even 11-12 years ago…

„Bringing our last three interactive dramas to the PC platform will enable new audiences to experience what Quantic Dream games are all about. Through these demos, gamers will have the opportunity to look into the hard work and dedication we have put into the PC versions of our beloved titles. For those who have never played a Quantic Dream title, this will be a great opportunity to experience the unique nature of our games,” Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the co-CEO of Quantic Dream, said in a press release.

He also revealed the team’s new logo on Twitter. What do you think?

Source: Gematsu

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