Is The Last Of Us Part II Delayed Because Of Hideo Kojima?

Events started happening after yesterday: Death Stranding might be playing a role in the release date of Naughty Dog‘s next game, The Last Of Us Part II.

A few days ago, we talked about how The Last of Us Part II could possibly launch in November, or around the end of 2019. It might have been the case until now, but after Hideo Kojima released a new trailer yesterday (which, surprise, was eight minutes long – this was the video he was editing recently…), finally revealing when his long-awaited PlayStation 4-exclusive Death Stranding will come (November 8), things started to change rapidly.

Jason Schreier from Kotaku has written the following on Twitter: „Looks like Death Stranding is about to get announced for a November release. The Last of Us 2 was also planned for fall 2019 but I actually just heard it got bumped to early 2020, possibly February? Either way, wild final year for [the] PlayStation 4.” We have to mention that he wrote this before the trailer for Death Stranding was released.

If it’s true (and why wouldn’t it be? Sony possibly wants to avoid releasing two of its major games too close to each other – Electronic Arts ran into this problem in 2016, when they launched Respawn’s Titanfall 2 just a few weeks before DICE’s Battlefield 1, and the former game flopped sales-wise…), then history might repeat itself. The Last of Us came out on June 14, 2013, on PlayStation 3, just a mere five months before the launch of the PlayStation 4 (where the game was quickly ported to in a Remastered format). About the PlayStation 5, or whatever the console’s name will be, it seems more and more likely that it might hit the stores in the fall of 2020.

So Naughty Dog‘s next game could be one of the last major games of its console generation, just as its predecessor, but we still don’t know when Sucker Punch’s (inFAMOUS) Ghost of Tsushima will launch on PlayStation 4…

Source: WCCFTech

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