Darksiders Genesis presents trailer, protagonists and first images [VIDEO]

Initially a filtration, then confirmed, of this prequel to the Darksiders saga for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

The guys from Airship Syndicate were happy to keep the secret of Darksiders Genesis, but the leaks come from where they are least expected and as it has been traditional a few days before E3, the leaks of information that reveal some of the announcements of the fair continued. On this occasion, it was the Amazon online store, which has started an information leak with everything we needed to know about the game, and then it has been officially presented with the trailer that accompanies the news.

War and Struggle play the game This is the fourth instalment of the franchise, the first unnumbered episode of this, and is led by War and Struggle (Strife), which face the forces of hell in a deadly confrontation against the very same Lucifer and his hosts. In terms of plot is a prequel, and is located years before everything happened in the original Darksiders of 2010 and signed by the now defunct Vigil Games.

The title, it seems, will be released this year 2019 on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and, although it was not initially in Amazon’s indexing, nor did its cover appear, it has also ended up confirming its logical launch on Xbox One and even in Google Stadia.

“Since the dawn of creation, the Council has managed to maintain balance throughout life, under his orders are the riders, who have been disciplined with that council while they were guaranteed enormous power “, says the description of the game. “However, this power has a tragic cost and is that the riders have to use their strength to cleanse the rest of their species, generating a bloody battle in Eden in which the riders, obeying the Council, have annihilated the Nephilim. ”

With that contextual start, the exit signal is given to a campaign for Darksiders Genesis in which we must face a Lucifer who wants to break this balance again with his armies of demons from the very hell, all within a conspiracy that threatens with destroying all creation.

The title is intended to confront thousands of demons, angels and “anything that is on our way to hell, we must clean” by shooting and brandishing our sword. Darksiders Genesis allows us to “take a first look at the world of Darksiders before the events of the first videogame, and also introduces Lucha as an apocalyptic rider” and, from what is deduced from the images, is an important change of focus and perspective for the action.

We already knew that there was going to be a new game of Darksiders, and even a few weeks ago we were ahead of you the name of Darksiders Genesis along with the more than likely new release of Destroy All Humans.

Source: 3Djuegos

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