The Terror of the Blair Witch Game Gives the First Information on Its Story

The story of the Blair Witch game will be canonical for the Blair Witch Project movie saga.

In the E3 2019, there have been many videos, but one of the most exciting for fans of horror video games has been the Blair Witch, the new title from the creators of works as Layers of Fear. Now its screenwriter, Basia Kciuk, has spoken with the Gamespot website on what we can expect on it.

Apparently, the game will be canonical to the saga of the Blair Witch movie, and what happens in this release will be used in the future by feature films, series or even upcoming titles that continue to expand the universe of Black Hills Forest.

The game seeks to become strong in the replay value, and for that, they prepare a multitude of trees of dialogues that you cannot explore in a first game. There will be many options that will require, at least, a second route to end up gaining a new perspective on its history.

The dog, Bullet, has great importance throughout the narrative. The relationship of Ellie, the protagonist, with her own dog is, according to its makers, “crucial for the adventure”. And Blair Witch is based on a feeling of a constant between collaboration and in non-verbal communication, logically, the animal with the protagonist. Bloober Team warns that they will often use the dog to “manipulate us emotionally” during the adventure.

Would you like to learn more about the title and see their first trailer? Do not hesitate to read the first news of Blair Witch that we published just a few days ago.

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