Is PlayStation 5’s Devkit Stronger Than Xbox Scarlett’s?

It seems that Sony‘s next-gen console might be stronger than Microsoft‘s. The latter company already talked about their console during E3, when they revealed Project Scarlett. (Don’t forget: the console that is nowadays available in stores as the Xbox One X was revealed at E3 2016 as Project Scorpio.)

Regarding former IGN writer Colin Moriarty, we already wrote yesterday that he heard from his sources that Microsoft was considering a PlayStation 4 port for Halo: Master Chief Collection. However, he said something else as well during the latest instalment of the Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast. Namely, that the PlayStation 5 might be much stronger than the Project Scarlett – effectively confirming what GameInformer’s Andrew Reiner said -, but he added that he heard this from developers who make multiplatform titles, meaning they both own the next-gen Xbox’ and the next-gen PlayStation’s developer kit, too. Sure, Moriarty is balanced towards PlayStation, we shouldn’t immediately ignore what he says. He might be onto something.

And – while we wrote about Scarlett that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox himself said that it will not be Microsoft’s last console – Sony might be reaching the finale’s thoughts. Jim Ryan, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment told Cnet the following: „I actually don’t know [if the PlayStation 5 will be our last console]. I’ve been around a while, and I sat there in 2012 and listened to all sorts of smart people tell me about mobile and that the PlayStation 4 was going to be the most terrible failure ever. The logic was actually hard to fault. But we believed in that product then, we believe in this next generation product now. Who knows how it might evolve? Hybrid models between console and some sort of cloud model? Possibly that. I just don’t know. And if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you.”

So Sony – just like Microsoft – doesn’t see the future just yet.

Source: GameRant, Comicbook

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