STALKER 2 presents its first details

GSC Game World claims to have the largest development team to date on STALKER 2.

STALKER 2 is one of the video games that are in the spotlight of many fans but of which, unfortunately, still not much is known. Now, from GSC Game World has been carried out a Q & A that have translated the fans and in which some aspects about the dimensions of the project are clarified.

“We decided it was not fair to hide something as important as the development of STALKER 2,” revealed a study spokesperson. “Especially at this moment, when we know that with the announcement we can make some users happy. Of course, the pressure is now high, but we can also take advantage to be in constant communication with the fans, and thus we can make the game better.”

In GSC defend that “the team is several times larger” than the one used in previous games of the series, and do not rule out having some former employees of 4A Games and Vostok Games, but remain secretive about it.

The video game STALKER 2 is being produced by themselves, they do not have an alternative financing channel, and they say they are studying the possibility of expanding the STALKER universe with more games, although now they claim to be focused on the sequel They have discarded, by the way, everything related to the cancelled second part of 2012. They still do not confirm or deny that the title in question will have a cooperative, but they do guarantee that the game has plenty of playable innovations and graphics that will be shown through of development journals.

The team does not want to specify for now if the title will appear in the next generation of consoles, although with the release date announced for STALKER 2 a few months ago it seems more than obvious that there will be versions for the new machines. What they do make clear is that “it is impossible to reach the expectations of everyone because everyone expects something different, but we know that we are working 100% on the project and trying to be as efficient as possible”.

They speak of STALKER 2 as a videogame “of high quality and values ​​of overproduction, and they explain that the development goes to full lung with a good rhythm to reach the goals that are set.

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