Here’s How Death Stranding Could Look… On The PlayStation 1! [VIDEO]

Hoolopee was looking for the answer to this question: „how would Hideo Kojima‘s game look on the PlayStation 1?”

Death Stranding was revealed by Hideo Kojima at E3 2016, during Sony’s press conference (when all he said to the crowd that he is back – and yes, Sony was out in Los Angeles, which they did not do this year…). Then, we got an announcement trailer, which confirmed Norman Reedus‘ presence in the game – he’s Sam, the protagonist. The actor has formerly worked together with Kojima at Konami on Silent Hills, which will never be created in its original form at least…

Now, imagine this video for a PlayStation 1 game. You know, that gray console that came out in Japan in late ’94 as a sort of a revenge against Nintendo (as Sony would have been making a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES, resulting in the Nintendo Play Station prototype console, before Nintendo ended up going with Philips, which is why some of the N IPs showed up on the huge flop CD-i). Now, the PS1 doesn’t have outstanding graphics, so if you are bothered by the blocky, washed out textures, all we say is that there wasn’t much better back then (except for the Nintendo 64. which was held back by the cartridge format, meaning the games had to be crammed into 64 MB max, while the PlayStation 1 had 650 MB CD-ROMs, and some of its games were on multiple CDs, too). The fan trailer perfectly recreates the ambience of the original, so congratulations – a fanfare is well deserved. You can compare the two videos below.

Death Stranding is out on November 8 on PlayStation 4, but rumours say that Hideo Kojima‘s game is just a timed exclusive on Sony’s platform…

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