Marvel’s Iron Man VR developers talk about their flight mechanics [VIDEO]

For the Camouflaj company, offering a comfortable flight experience was the key to presenting the Iron Man VR prototype to Marvel Games.

As previously announced, the presence of the Iron Man VR game could not be missing in the Marvel Games panel that was held at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The developers of the Camouflaj studio were present to discuss what it took to create a concept for a game that would allow us to take control of Tony Stark in virtual reality.

As explained in an article published on the PlayStation blog and in a new development diary that shows small segments of gameplay, when the studio made a trip from Seattle to Los Angeles to present a prototype of an Iron Man game to Marvel Games. They were very clear about what they wanted to achieve: offer the player a flight experience that was comfortable and completely adapted to the PSVR capabilities.

Some of the key elements to achieve their goal was to heed the laws of physics, allow the player to maintain the momentum of speed to create dynamism in battles, include an invisible bumper that works automatically against possible collisions and make contextual adjustments to the armor, so that its speed adapts to the different situations that the game presents.

Also in San Diego Comic-Con was discussed the design of the Impulse Armor that Tony Stark will use in Iron Man VR. Its design was the responsibility of the legendary Marvel artist, Adi Granov, and a timelapse was published that presents the elaboration of an illustration of this armour.

At the moment there is no specific release date for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, but it is known that it will arrive sometime this year as an exclusive PS4.

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