Solve mysteries with cute cats in Peace Island [VIDEO]

It is an original science fiction story with cute cats in which we must find out what has happened to all humans.

After watching games that have turned us into quarrelsome pigeons, like Pigeon Simulator, or tough military goats, like Goat of Duty, why not play with cat detectives? The developer Eric Blumrich presents a new game starring animals: Peace Island.

Peace Island turns players into cats and invites them to tour an island while solving all kinds of puzzles and enigmas to try to discover what has happened to all humans. His exploration proposal is mixed with a sci-fi background that seeks to answer an interesting question: Is it worth bringing back humans?

The game with cute cats is in development for PC, Mac and Oculus Rift through a crowdfunding campaign, and has already managed to raise more than $ 13,000 of the 7,000 requested to complete it. Although its responsible, and only developer, has confirmed that it will not be able to offer an open beta in the foreseen term, he is also very motivated after having virtualized its project on social networks.

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