Darksiders Genesis Will Be Available In Limited Editions, Too [VIDEO]

The newest instalment of the Darksiders series will be available in more expensive versions, thanks to THQ Nordic.

The Collector’s Edition will cost 110 USD/110 EUR/100 GBP on PC, and ten more on consoles. It will contain the game in physical format (no tricks by THQ Nordic here – fair play), a Strife figurine, a steelbook, an artbook, the soundtrack on CD, and a sticker sheet. This pricing seems to be reasonable with a collector’s edition, as with other examples, it usually starts at around 140-150 dollars… and it’s respectable that the game’s PC version will also be physically available. Other AAA titles tend to skip this, or the game’s PC port doesn’t even get such a limited edition whatsoever…

Then here’s the even more limited version, the Nephilim Edition, which will only be made in 5000 unites! The 380 USD/380 EUR/350 GBP edition will contain the same things as the Collector’s Edition (the game in physical format, a Strife figurine, a steelbook, an artbook, the soundtrack on CD, and a sticker sheet), but it will also have an official board game called Darksiders: The Forbidden Land. It will get more details at a later date, but its box will have 61 miniatures, 124 tokens, 36 multi-hex modular boards, 423 cards, 4 player boards, a unique dice, a rulebook, and a campaign book.

Is it worth spending 270 USD/EUR extra for just a board game? We don’t think so, despite THQ Nordic publishing a video for each limited edition, embedded below. Darksiders Genesis, which is easily a Diablo-clone (not serving as the fourth main episode – it is just a spinoff!), will launch later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. We have our doubts whether Airship Syndicate (even the devs are different…) could make something memorable or not.

Source: Gematsu

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