Dying Light 2: It’s A Cross-Gen Title, It’s Official!

So, we might have the REAL reason why Techland’s game: Dying Light 2 is not coming out in late 2019…

Pawel Rohleder, Techland’s chief technological officer confirmed to WCCFTech that aside from the PC, it’s not just the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One that will get the game: „Techland always has an eye on the latest new toys! To be more specific – yes, the plan since the beginning of production has been to make Dying Light 2 a cross-generation title. For [the] Xbox One X and [the] PlayStation 4 Pro, we want to run [Dying Light 2] at full HD (1920×1080). It’s too early to specify exclusive features for more powerful consoles, but our top priority is a smooth gameplay experience (parkour, combat, etc.).”

Don’t forget that initially, the plan was to launch the second Dying Light in 2019. Let’s see what Rohleder said again… „the plan since the beginning of production has been to make Dying Light 2 a cross-generation title” – so it’s possible that either Sony or Microsoft (or both companies…?) have planned to launch either the next-gen PlayStation (PlayStation 5 or whatever it will be called…) or the next-gen Xbox (Xbox Project Scarlett is the official codename, just like how the Xbox One X was first announced as Project Scorpio) in late 2019, but they probably decided to wait for AMD to make the Navi GPU and the Ryzen Zen 2 CPU in enough units for the console manufacturers (as both companies will use the same hardware as base before customization…), and as Microsoft planned the next Xbox to launch in late 2020, Sony is possibly going to follow suit. The game’s Spring 2020 launch is not that far from it.

Dying Light 2 is out next Spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC… and it might be a launch title on the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation.

Source: VG247

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