Fortnite World Cup’s First Duos Winners Revealed

The Fortnite World Cup was (or is being) held for the first time, and a duo is writing history by winning the first competition.

Nyhrox (Emil Bergquist Pedersen, Norway) and Aqua (David W, Austria) has won the event, beating the Wolfiez duo. Their prize is no less than three million dollars, so the pair takes a lot of cash home. They fought fifty other teams at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, United States. They scored fifty-one points, which was four more than Wolfiez’ (Jaden Ashman, United Kingdom) score (47). The fifteen-year-old Wolfiez splits 1.8 million pounds with his Dutch partner, Dave Jong. At the World Cup, the teams had to take care of eliminations and their results throughout the six matches, and the Victory Royale made a difference at the end. Nyhrox and Aqua won the event by winning the fourth and the fifth matches, jumping to the first place on the leaderboards.

Ashman, who was part of the second-placed duo, has been playing the game since it launched (roughly two years ago), and until now, he wasn’t relatively known on social media (several thousand followers don’t mean much worldwide). His mother says he often argued with his son, as his grades got worse due to playing Fortnite, which led her to throw an Xbox (probably an Xbox One…) out the window, but now, she accepts that her son is a professional eSports player.

The Fortnite World Cup’s Solos winner will win three million dollars on July 28, at the Arthur Ashe Stadium once again. Epic Games, the developers, rake in a lot of cash on this front as well, as they also seem to strike a lot of deals for exclusivity on the Epic Games Store for titles such as Shenmue III, which jumped ship from Steam.

Source: Mirror, BBC

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