Troy Baker Says “We Are not prepared” For The Last of Us Part 2

The actor Troy Baker, who plays Joel in the Naughty Dog video game is enigmatic about his role in the game.

” You are not prepared.” This has been the enigmatic response that actor Troy Baker has given to fans who asked him about his role in the highly anticipated The Last of Us: Part II of PS4. The interpreter that brings Joel to life in the Naughty Dog videogame has not come to value more details about this long-awaited action-adventure. What did he mean?

With the expectations for the clouds, and many unknowns to be resolved, the interpreter could be implying that the game will be much more than fans imagine, but it could also refer to some type of scene that is shocking because of its spectacular or cruelty; two usual elements in the original video game of the authors of the Uncharted series .

So far it is not clear the role that Joel will play in the story of The Last of Us: Part II, taking into account that the action will fall on the young Ellie. Without a specific release date, there is speculation about the possibility of seeing The Last of Us: Part II in February 2020.

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