Days Gone Patch: New DLC Challenges, Accessibility Features and More

The Days Gone Patch: 1.30 is here. What does it contain?

The Days Gone patch has four new DLC challenges, and three of them will launch in the following weeks (August 2, 9, and 16). „This patch brings in the next set of free DLC challenges along with a ton of new accessibility features. We also added in some fixes and adjustments to both story mode and our DLC challenges,” Sony Interactive Bend Studio says. The first challenge, the Keep Them Safer has you and your bike face off 300 Freakers. Perform headshots with your crossbow.

Easier accessibility? Yes – we’ll list what got added to the game: the camera controls can now be inverted both horizontally and vertically; the Camera Follow Tracking was fixed (non-aiming cameras didn’t always automatically follow the player, especially if an enemy was in proximity); the DualShock 4’s speakers can now be disabled within the game, too; the subtitle size can be changed (small (default), medium, and large); the subtitle background can be changed (transparent or disable it entirely); you can disable the speakers’ names in the subtitles; the repeated button presses (grapple events) can be changed to a hold for a certain amount of time; the repeated button icons’ size can be also changed (small (default), to medium, to large); and the sprint can be activated easier on the left analogue stick. According to SIE Bend, these features are just the beginning.

On top of these, the NPCs in the mission „That Nevers Gets Old” should not get stuck in the terrain, traps (which now appear on our mini-map) can now be placed in shallow water, Deacon’s bike should not become invisible after using Photo-mode, Freakers should now have more fluid animations when interacting with ledges, the “1%ER” ring now functions properly in all challenges, the bug where you wouldn’t progress to the results screen on the Drifter’s Run challenge has been addressed, the names are now consistent within the Leaderboards, amendments have been made to the credits, and there are also miscellaneous fixes to the HUD after certain missions, to the audio, and some unnamed bug and crash fixes have been made, too.

Days Gone is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4, you can read our review from Dante here.

Source: WCCFTech

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