PlayStation Plus: What Games Will We Get In August?

Another month has come to an end, so the question stands: those who play online on their PlayStation 4 (and thus subscribe to PlayStation Plus), what games can they access for free in the final month of the summer?

The two games for August are more than two once again, as WipEout Omega Collection has WipEout 2048, WipEout HD, as well as its Fury expansion. The other game for August is none other than Sniper Elite 4. So we’re getting a racing game once again just like a month ago. So Sony is tricking us by giving us collections – we’re not saying it’s a bad idea, but it’s a cheap way out for them.

Let’s hope that Sony is not going to do some last-minute changes as they have done so a month ago. In case you don’t remember, the July PlayStation Plus games were a little chaotic. Initially, the plan was that Sony would give Horizon Chase Turbo, as well as Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 for the Plus subscribers, but they changed their mind in the last minute: instead of the football game, they went for Quantic Dream’s (who openly want to go multiplatform, plus to become a publisher) Detroit: Become Human’s Digital Deluxe version (which, as a bonus, contained the team’s two PlayStation 3 games ported over to the PlayStation 4, namely Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls). It’s possible that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 had such a backlash (especially how this year’s instalment, eFootball PES 2020 was announced by then…) that Sony swapped Konami’s game out to something easier to access, and Konami previously said that this switch was entirely on Sony’s end.

As always, the August games will replace the previous month’s games on Tuesday, August 6. And that’s it: not a single PlayStation VR or PlayLink title as an extra.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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