Marvel’s Avengers actors defend the look of the Avengers in the game

“We will always be ready for someone to throw shit at us, right?”, Recognizes Troy Baker, also voice Joel in The Last of Us, also actor of Marvel’s Avengers.

There’s an ongoing discussion of whether it’s bad that the characters of Marvel’s Avengers don’t look like the movie stars. Lately, the makers of the game confirmed, that it will stay the same.

In the recently held Manchester Comic-Con, there were statements by the actors of Marvel’s Avengers, the group of interpreters who lend their voice to the characters of Avengers who appear in the video game and who came out in defense of the appearance of the heroes.

“We will always be ready for someone to throw shit at us, right? So as soon as they released the first trailer people started complaining that they didn’t look like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr … “, admitted Troy Baker, Joel’s voice in The Last of Us, and here embodies Hulk and his human alter ego, in words collected and transcribed by the Pushsquare portal. “Do you know what I am telling you? Do you know who he looks like? They are accurate to Iron Man, Bruce Banner and Captain America.”

“For me, when they showed me what Bruce Banner looked like, I told myself that it was just like Ultimate. It’s 100% the same as Ultimates. So I told them it was my Bruce Banner, the guy that literally ate New York and can’t take the blame. ”

Only a couple of weeks ago the title was news since the first details of the post-launch support of the Avengers game had been presented.

Source: Pushsquare

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