The Final Fantasy saga drives the sale of video games in Square Enix

Digital downloads continue to be the main growth engine of the Japanese company.

After a season in which Square Enix has obtained economic results below the expected, the Japanese company has announced that in the first quarter of this fiscal year have increased revenue from the sale of video games, the Final Fantasy series being the main responsible of these positive data.

The company’s net sales amount to 501 million dollars, 19.1% more than the data recorded in the same period of the previous year. More surprising are the operational revenues of Square Enix, which have risen by a spectacular 85.8%, from the 35.7 million previously registered to the current 67.7 million.

If a few days ago we talked about the rise of the digital market in the United Kingdom, Square Enix finds that it is a trend that is increasingly present in the financial results of large companies in the sector. The digital sales have grown by 5.5% to reach revenues of 348.7 million. More specifically, 1.81 million games have been sold in digital format, compared to 1.44 million copies in physics distributed over the last three months. Results higher than those recorded in the previous year, with sales of 1.52 million and 0.9 million respectively.

Square Enix has highlighted the good work of releases like Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, as well as the success of mobile games like Romancing SaGa Re; universe. The great Final Fantasy XIV Online also saw the number of subscribers grow before the launch of its last major expansion, Shadowbringers.

Source: Gamasutra

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