Take-Two Sends Investigators On A Streamer [VIDEO]

Take-Two started an investigation due to Borderlands 3 leaks.

A person named SupMatto published a video, claiming that private investigators hired by Take-Two have come to his place, asking questions about leaked Borderlands 3 content. He said that while he did talk about unannounced information, but he only talked about things that he found on other sites himself. „It’s not some crafty workaround. On April 29 the official Borderlands YouTube channel posted the reveal of the Twitch extension leading into the gameplay reveal which we were all stoked about, and the names of the testing accounts were exposed in that video, as we’ve now learned. This wasn’t found by me, it was also posted on various platforms like Reddit and other social media—that’s how it was brought to my attention—so quite a few of us decided to follow these accounts because, well, simply put, we could,” he said in the video below.

Meanwhiles, 2K Games told IGN that they believe SupMatto and his founders did not just happen to find the information but that they have used a Twitch security flaw to take screenshots of private videos’ thumbnails. They added that they have been investigating him for almost a year: „Take-Two and 2K take the security and confidentiality of trade secrets very seriously. The action we’ve taken is the result of a 10-month investigation and a history of this creator profiting from breaking our policies, leaking confidential information about our product, and infringing our copyright. The information he’s sharing about the situation [in his new video] is incomplete, and in some cases untrue. Not only were many of his actions illegal, but they were negatively impacting the experience of other content creators and our fans in anticipation for the game,” 2K said.

SupMatto got seven copyright strikes after the stream in question, but only one remained. His YouTube account remains available (but he is taking a break to figure out what to do next), his Twitter is closed, and his Discord server was shut down after meeting the investigators due to allegedly being „involved in selling, promoting, or distributing cheats, hacks, or cracked accounts.” While he denied any wrongdoing in his video, IGN thinks both Discord and Twitch has looked into his account/server. „I plan to see how I feel come September. I don’t know if I want to play the game. I don’t know if I want to make videos. I don’t know where I’m gonna be at. I haven’t been keeping up with anything, I haven’t even watched the new character trailers. I’m still stoked for characters like FL4K and stuff, I just think I’ve been too close to the source for too long. I just need to step away from Borderlands, man,” he added in the video.

Some people take themselves too seriously. (In 2015, they did the same thing because of Grand Theft Auto V…)

Source: PCGamer

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