Capcom Will Test The New Resident Evil Game In America, Too!

Wow – it seems not just the Japanese players will get a chance to test a Resident Evil game before its release. (However, us Europeans are probably going to be left in the dark.)

A few days ago, we also wrote about how Capcom is going to test an unannounced, new Resident Evil game in Japan in early September. The Resident Evil Ambassador program (newsletters for short…?) will extend this project across the pond to the United States as well.

Patrick Copeland, a Resident Evil fan, posted a screenshot of the email he received from Capcom on Twitter. From it, we learned that the unknown Resident Evil game (two guesses: it either could be the Resident Evil 3 Remake or Resident Evil 8… or perhaps it’s a spin-off…?) will get two tests in the US. The first test will be held in Los Angeles either on September 20 or September 21, then New York is next on either September 23 or September 24. Participants will not be paid for their work (and they’ll have to cover their transportation costs), and they have to be part of the Resident Evil Ambassador program with experience in at least one Resident Evil game.

So Capcom has confirmed that one of their key franchises (the other one would be Monster Hunter, and maybe Devil May Cry fits here, although it doesn’t get new games often… and also Dragon’s Dogma and Street Fighter could fit, too) will get a new instalment, which could launch in early 2020, unless they wait until late 2020 to make it a cross-gen title, making it available for the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation, too. THREE tests in one month could mean the game is in an advanced development state. We might learn what it is if it gets leaked from the US tests.

Source: VG247

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