Disney will not broadcast an Apex Legends tournament on television after the US shootings.

“Out of respect for the victims” ESPN and ABC rule out accommodating an Apex Legends program of best plays on their grid.

ESPN and ABC, two American television networks owned by The Walt Disney Company, have decided not to broadcast this weekend a compilation program with the best plays of a competitive tournament of Apex Legends, the battle-royale of Respawn Entertainment. The reason? “Out of respect for the victims” of the consecutive shooting, a few days ago in Ohio and Texas.

Rock Paper Shotgun has been able to investigate more in the information and has been able to know that the decision has been taken by both channels with the prudence as an argument given the tremendous agitation that has caused these terrible attacks.

In this way, again the focus of the concern in the United States on the entertainment industry, and not on others, that a few hours ago left us the news that Walmart will withdraw advertisements of violent games while at the same time will continue betting on the sales of firearms in their establishments.

This decision, likewise, comes with the statements of Donald Trump blaming video games for the behaviour of these subjects, words that received an overwhelming response from fans and key personalities in the federal republic such as Hilary Clinton, a former president of the country’s presidency.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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