[GC 2019] How Long Will It Take To Beat Doom Eternal? [VIDEO]

Doom 2016 could take as much as about ten hours to beat it – will the sequel be able to be longer than that?

At QuakeCon, Marty Stratton, the executive producer of id Software, told Qconforums that despite there’s still some work left to do on the game which will be the first one using the new id Tech 7 engine, he thinks we’ll need about 18 to 22 hours to beat Doom Eternal. Although QuakeCon was about a month ago, and the length might have changed since then, Stratton added that the sequel to Doom will be longer than the 2016 game itself. We can thus make sure that id Software will not only give us a new engine (even though id Tech 6 was good still), the game will provide more adventures that could be invaded by others in Battlemode as demons. (We wrote about how a playthrough is recommended to learn the maps.)

Bethesda and id Software also published another video. In it, the previously discussed Doom Hunter is introduced. This demon solely exists to get rid of the protagonist, who isn’t called Doomguy but Doom Slayer in the reboot. Interestingly, Doom Hunter seems to vaguely resemble the Strogg Tank from Quake II. Is there a link between the Strogg and Hell? (And while we’re at it, after Quake IV, when are we getting a new, single-player Quake game?) If we had to stay within the series, we can also bring up Sabaoth from Doom 3…

After taking a leaf from Nintendo’s book, Bethesda will publish Doom Eternal on November 22 (a Friday) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and also the Nintendo Switch on the same day unlike with the first game. Later, Google Stadia will also have it as well.

Source: DualShockers, Gematsu

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