[TGS 2019] Even More Death Stranding [VIDEO]

Kojima Productions‘ game, Death Stranding got even more gameplay on the second day of the Tokyo Game Show.

Sam „Porter” Bridges, the protagonist of Death Stranding, is going to have a private room where he can do multiple things to spend time, such as taking a shower or have a well-deserved rest, as the character, voiced and acted by Norman Reedus, is going to see and live through some tough situations in the game. We have to mention that we will be incapable of controlling Sam directly in this room. Hideo Kojima says that this is is similar to gal games, which could be described as dating simulators. The room will have Monster energy drinks to refill stamina, sunglasses (J.F.Rey brand), and Sam’s sleeveless shirt was designed by Acronym in Berlin.

We will have some influence on the happenings, though, as we can control the camera angles, and Sam will do appropriate things (if we aim at his feet, then he will tap them). Of course, Kojima thought about perversion as well, meaning we won’t see private parts, similar to the urinating scenes: if we try to look at Sam’s package, he is going to cover it up, but after a few tries, he’ll punch us. In the room, if Sam looks into the mirror, we can contort his face, similar to what we could do to Mario’s face in Super Mario 64 on its title screen, the launch title of the Nintendo 64, in 1996. You can screenshot of these faces, motion capped by Reedus himself, and you will get a score based on the likes you will get. For the rest, watch the video yourself. With it, Kojima’s promise of 80 minutes of gameplay at the Tokyo Game Show is fulfilled.

Death Stranding launches on November 8 on PlayStation 4, and it might later show up on PC as well due to the lack of Only On PlayStation text on the game’s box art.

Source: Forrás: VG247

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