Warren Spector Doesn’t Understand Character Classes Nowadays

The veteran game developer, Warren Spector doesn’t understand why the developers continue to use character classes, separating them from each other.

„I don’t want to say I’m not a fan [of it]. There are a lot of games where that kind of progression you’re talking about make sense, skill trees and there are still people who think character classes are a great idea. Again, one of the hallmarks of the immersive sim is it’s about you in the world. You the player, not your little 64-pixel-tall avatar or whatever. It’s about you making the decisions that you feel are appropriate to the situation. So the most important thing to me is each player’s playstyle driving the experience. Having said that, we do have, just like we had an in Deus Ex and other games, body augmentation and fighting modifications.

[…] In this game [he is talking about System Shock 3 – the ed.], and in other games like it, you develop a character is through your inventory. You’re going to be acquiring things throughout the game. The tools you create will allow you to interact with our world simulation and our enemies in unique ways that, again, serve your playstyle.

I don’t understand why video game developers use character classes. I guess it’s simple for people to understand “I’m a fighter, I’m a healer, I’m a mage.” It’s probably sensible and there’s a reason why I’m kind of the “King of the Cult Classics,” and haven’t sold 100 million copies of a game ever. But character classes and all those secret di roles were the best simulation tools that Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson had at their disposal when they created this whole role-playing thing [he means Dungeons & Dragons here – the ed.]. And we have better tools now. I don’t get it. As a player, sure, I’ll play a game that has character classes, but I’m not a huge fan,” Spector said in an interview with GameSpot.

He added that System Shock 3 will be discussed by him and Otherside Entertainment nine months after the release of the pre-alpha video, which means it rounds up to June 2020… it might be out at E3 then. Will it be a next-gen game?

Source: WCCFTech

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