Death Stranding: The New Trailer is Here! [VIDEO]

The cinematic trailer of Death Stranding shows the difficult mission proposed by the game of Kojima.

The actor Norman Reedus embodies the protagonist of this action-adventure for PS4 that opens in November.

There are very few weeks left before we can get the expected Death Stranding, the new video game developed by the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series , and the Kojima Productions team has presented a new cinematic trailer that shows the difficult mission the hero of the action, played by actor Norman Reedus, in this dark post-apocalyptic world.

With the task of reconnecting the great cities of the United States, the trailer shows the character of Sam Bridges carrying all those items and resources that he must transport from one place to another. It will not be easy as evidenced by the group of looters who will soon come to his path, attacking him and damaging the load he carries on his back. It is not only aesthetic because in the game we will have to protect the resources to achieve our mission in the most satisfactory way.


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