No New Fatal Frame Game Unless It Makes Business Sense

Keisuke Kikuchi, the producer of the Fatal Frame series, told Noisy Pixel in an interview that the survival horror series’ continuation doesn’t depend on him.

„It’s public knowledge that there is a Hollywood movie in production, and I’ve been the producer on all of the Fatal Frame projects. I personally and strongly wish to continue this franchise in some way. I know there are a lot of voices crying out for a new sequel. The directors and I have a few ideas about what the next title should look like, but this new project has to make sense from a business perspective for us to move forward with anything. For now, I’m focused on the Atelier and Fairy Tail titles, and it’s my priority to make these titles successful in laying the foundation for future projects not limited to Fatal Frame, but also the Deception series,” Kikuchi said.

The problem is that Koei Tecmo, the publisher of the Fatal Frame franchise (it was originally Tecmo, but you get the point), has effectively turned the series into a Nintendo-exclusive after the third game (Fatal Frame III: The Tormented – it’s European launch was in February 2006, published by Take-Two, exclusively for the PlayStation 2), even though it was PlayStation-oriented until then (the first game launched a year earlier in Europe in August 2002 on PS2 than on Xbox; the second game also had roughly a year advantage in April 2004, although the Xbox version was a Director’s Cut; the newest game in the series, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, launched in October 2015 in Europe on the Wii U, a year after the Japanese release).

Koei Tecmo should discuss a new, PlayStation 5-exclusive game for the series (even a timed exclusive could work, even the first Nioh, and potentially its sequel as well, is following the same formula, so why not?), which would benefit the older fans. Or, if they want to continue the recent trends, sit down to chat with Nintendo about a new Switch-exclusive episode… and the series is turning 19 in December!

Source: PSL

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