More Signs Point To BioShock’s Return

Take-Two has already hinted here and there that BioShock, which has been standing still for roughly five years now, is about to be revived.

Previously (in April 2018), there were already reports about how a new BioShock title could be in development at a „top secret” 2K studio. We can start to believe that, as Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two, said during the company’s latest financial earnings call that they have „the strongest development pipeline in history,” which is a bold statement, although in the past ten years, they did release two Red Dead Redemption 2 games, Grand Theft Auto V, three Borderlands titles (four with Pre-Sequel), and there’s also BioShock Infinite as well.

Zelnick also said that they want to release „sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP.” Just a few days after this comment, a job listing was unearthed from 2K Publishing in Novato, California – this could be that secret studio. They are looking for an End Design Game Lead. Let’s see what the job listing says: „We want to build a post-narrative set of systems, quests and player progression that gives our fanatic fangirls and fanboys more content to experience on an ongoing, live-services basis.”

That doesn’t say much, but a topic on Reddit has kept track of the people that work in the Novato studio. Out of the twelve people that were found, five previously worked on BioShock games, so they have experience in the series. Now, we could add Ken Levine’s smaller-scale project, which could also be related to BioShock (which he’s the creator of).

It’s hard to believe that BioShock 4 is in development (possibly as a next-gen game), but it would be weird if it would be a live-service game. (An example of that would be Electronic Arts’ Anthem.)

Source: PCGamer

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