Electronic Arts: The Destruction Can Be Like Real Life Once In The Cloud

Electronic Arts is highly praising DICE for what they can achieve destruction-wise with the Frostbite engine. However, they think it can be even better.

„I’m super excited about [streaming], but it’s one step on a journey. The main difference in the cloud is not really that the CPU is sitting in a big building versus being in your living room; the main difference is now you can have dozens or hundreds or thousands or millions of computers that can do stuff to help power the game. If you apply that to an actual game like Battlefield… DICE prides itself on amazing destruction. They blow stuff up better than anyone. But the simulations they do for destruction are very limited compared to what they would like to do because they have a certain amount of GPU and a certain amount of CPU and they have to do it in real-time. If they could have a pool of servers up there that can be running our physics engine in Frostbite and be calculating better destruction, it can be like real life. And you can apply that not just to blow things up. You can apply that to every part of the game,” Ken Moss, Electronic Arts’ chief technical officer, told Gamesindustry in a new interview.

Moss has hinted at Project Atlas with this comment, as we can bet money on Electronic Arts focusing on streaming for more profit. However, its reveal could be a long way off – if we’re lucky, EA Play 2020 might share more details about EA’s streaming service.

However, it will face some tough competition when it arrives (PlayStation Now, Project xCloud, Google Stadia, and even Amazon is rumoured to enter the fray with their streaming service).

Source: WCCFTech

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