PlayStation Plus: How Does Sony End 2019? [VIDEO]

PlayStation Plus – You have to do something big in December, especially if you get some free time between the Christmas meals to hop on your PlayStation 4 to play (unless your employer doesn’t give you a break, as that could also happen) – but how does Sony try to end 2019; what titles are they handing out to the PlayStation Plus subscribers for the last time this year?

In this month, you’ll find the games enjoyable if you prefer the FPS or the racing genre. The first game will be Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2, which had critical success, but sales-wise, it didn’t perform that well (as Electronic Arts launched it too close to Battlefield 1 in 2016). The other title is going to be Milestone’s Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame, which will get the third instalment next year, as the Italian devs tend to have three annual titles nowadays (aside from the American supercross series, they also have MXGP, the motocross world championship’s license, as well as MotoGP).

This is an interesting choice. While Titanfall 2 can be named a big title (it was quite good, although a third game won’t happen any time soon, as Respawn is now working on a Medal of Honor VR title), picking Monster Energy Supercross, and not even the newest one (making it outdated altogether), might backfire, just like how Pro Evolution Soccer did in the summer (where Sony had to swap the game at the last possible moment – let’s say that Konami’s soccer/football game did not have the best reception).

As usual, the games will replace the previous month’s ones by next Wednesday (these two games would be Nioh and Outlast 2 – you still have time to download them, as the swap happens on Tuesday).

Source: Twitter

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