Hideo Kojima Already Talks About A Sequel To Death Stranding

Even though Death Stranding came out less than a month ago on PlayStation 4 (with a PC port about half a year away…), there are already signs that Hideo Kojima would like to get down to working on a sequel.

Interestingly, he told Vulture that if he had a chance to work on Death Stranding 2, he’d start from scratch, which is an unusual thought. (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, which is rumoured to launch in 2020, has a good baseline for Nintendo, who spent far more time on working on the first game than on the sequel, which will need less time to be made.) He wants to create something fresh, and not the same thing in an expanded format.

He also explained why Death Stranding starts slowly: „I wanted the player to become Sam, but gradually. He doesn’t know how to control himself at the beginning, like a baby learning to walk.” He also revealed that the BTs in the game were inspired by events that happened during his childhood. When he was two years old, his father pushed him out to the ocean on a boat, which scarred him: „It was so frightening. I still go into the ocean, and I dive from time to time, but I get frightened about these big waves and big ocean animals,” he said.

One more thought, but it has spoilers, so if you haven’t played Death Stranding yet, and you plan to do so, stop reading now. So when Kojima reopened Kojima Productions, he kept it as a secret from his mother, as he didn’t want her to worry. He wanted to show him his work „when he got a little successful,” but she passed away during the development. Kojima regrets not showing her the game in time: „The ghosts in the game — maybe my parents are one of them, seeing me in this world. I wanted to have that kind of metaphor, that within you, you’re connected to the people that passed away.”

Interesting thoughts.

Source: JVL

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