Amazing! An unpublished copy of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 4 video game was found on Wii [VIDEO]

It began to develop, but the cancellation of the Spider-Man 4 film ended with the creation of the video game.

Besides its warm reception among fans, Spider-Man 3 was far from being a box office failure either. However, the movie model sold out at Sony and it was decided to put an end to the adventure of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire with the Marvel climber . It was never a secret that there were plans to make a fourth film, so the development of his video game began at Eurocom before the cancellation of it was known, at which time the creation of Spider-Man 4 was cut in Wii . The YouTube channel Hard4Games has found a copy of the mysterious software and has shown it on the web.

As usual in the always interesting plot of unpublished video games , it presents an unfinished production, with different playable elements designed for the tests and the development of the title, including test areas that end up remaining inaccessible in the final production that ends up reaching the stores. The technical problems of the early stages of development are not lacking either. Of course, it attracts attention that concrete some planned plans for the film that never came true, such as the presence of the Vulture as one of the villains of the film.

Peter Parker and his alter ego go through a very sweet moment in the territory of consoles thanks to Insomniac and his exclusive title on PS4 . Do not miss the analysis of Spider-Man to know what were the keys after the last and brilliant game of Spider-Man. The present, meanwhile, is a very satisfying historical curiosity for lovers of unpublished content. You can watch the Hard4Games video below and enjoy what may have been the fourth Spider-Man video game on Wii .

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