Does Nvidia say its RTX 2080 Max-Q card is more powerful than PS5 and Xbox Series X? [VIDEO]

And that is a graphic designer for laptops.

A few days ago the GTC China 2019 (the GPU Technology Conference) took place, and the president of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, took the opportunity to release one of his classic pearls. In the screenshot below you can clearly see how the green considers that its RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics – the portable version of the 2080 – are already more powerful than the new generation consoles. It is true that Huang did not explicitly refer to it in his talk, but the slide is already for posterity.

Although Nvidia’s claim is questionable, it is possible that the RTX 2080 is actually more powerful than one of the new consoles, especially if Microsoft was finally encouraged to launch that low-end Lockhart, of course.

Anyway, the green has never had problems when launching generic valuations in the air that have no real repercussions. Saying “next-generation consoles” can refer to the new machines from Sony and Microsoft, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, yes, but also to anything that comes forward. Take as a sign of safety and self-control by the green, go.

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