Squadron 42 Receives Teaser Trailer [VIDEO]

It’s an interesting decision to time the Squadron 42 single-player spinoff’s teaser trailer release on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t our decision…

We haven’t heard much of Squadron 42 recently, even though it has a star cast: Gary Oldman is Admiral Ernst Bishop, Mark Hamill is Lieutenant Commander Steve Colton, Mark Strong is Captain Thomas Wade, Liam Cunningham is Captain Noah White, Gillian Anderson is Captain MacLaren, Rhona Mitra is Executive Officer Kelly, John Rhys-Davies is Randall Graves, Ben Mendelsohn is Julian Wexler and Andy Serkis is Thul’Oquray.

The player’s character gets enlisted in the Earth Navy to help stop the Vanduul invasion, which, according to the developers, will be similar to the Vandal or the Visigoth invasions of the Roman Empire. Then, they’ll get the United Empire of Earth (UEE) citizenship, which then can be used in Star Citizen as well, but it won’t be obligatory to play Squadron 42 to fully enjoy the multiplayer component.

„I know there are elements — whether it’s God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Last of Us, other games have similar elements to this. I feel like we’re at a level that’s above that, a level of connection and acting and characterization. But of course, I’m very biased. I’m hoping it will push forward that sense of interactive — whatever you want to call it. In the old days, we’d call it interactive movies. This story where you are the star, that you’re driving forward,” Chris Roberts, the Star Citizen games’ developer Cloud Imperium Games’ head, said previously. (You might also remember him creating something called Wing Commander.)

We’re not going to guess the release date at all. Star Citizen is getting a beta in Q3 2020, though, so it might eventually be available properly in two years, maybe.

Source: WCCFTech

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