Intel Xe DG1: The Company’s Discrete GPU Is Shaping UP

TECH NEWS – Slowly but surely, Intel’s GPU, which will be Tiger Lake-based in a discrete format, is getting revealed.

„This quarter we’ve achieved power-on exit [initial testing that involves turning the product on – even car engines tend to get this done with a cylinder; in this format, the prototype of the chip is getting placed on a custom PCB for testing purposes only – the ed.] for our first discrete GPU DG1, an important milestone,” Bob Sawn, the CEO of Intel, said a few months ago during their quarterly financial earnings report. On the European Economic Commission (EEC for short) website, we could see that they already sent out a few dev kits, called Discrete Graphics DG1 External FRD1 Accessory Kit (Alpha) Developer Kit, in an alpha state. That meant that the Xe GPUs’ discrete launch is just a few months away. These codenames got leaked via EEC’s website: DG1 External FRD1 96EU Accessory Kit (Alpha) Development Kit (DGD12KEF3A), Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 8+2 Windows External PROD HOST SDP (Alpha) (DGD12SEH4A), Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 6+2 Windows External PROD HOST SDP (Alpha) (DGD12SEH3A).

Komachi, an insider with GPUs, revealed on Twitter that they found this dev kit, which brings up more details about this video card that could stand up against NVidia and AMD (two decades ago, we even had 3DFX with the Voodoo cards, so we didn’t always have just two competitors on the market). It seems like the DG1 is going to follow the design pattern of DG1, and each EU (execution unit) is going to have eight shading units, resulting in a total of 768 of shading units (96×8), which is the same amount as what Tiger Lake has (TGL for short – it is Intel’s processor architecture that happens to have an Intel Xe GPU with a maximum of 96 EUs).

WCCFTech says that the DG1 will have a minimum of 1400 MHz clock speed, which should result in a 2.1 TFLOPs of computing performance. On 1600 MHz, it would result in 2.6 TFLOPs, but the predictions set the GPU to be between 2.1 and 3 TFLOPs. In other words, the DG1 would be on the same level as the NVidia GeForce GTX 1650. Its launch is 5-6 months away, so it could be available from next summer (around Computex or Gamescom, although Chris Hook, the former marketing head of Intel, predicted a late 2020 launch).

With proper pricing, it could largely upset the GPU market. (Later, if a DG2 comes to existence, could have up to 512 EU-s, which would compete against higher-level GPUs.)

Source: Techpowerup, WCCFTech

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