BioShock 4 Could Be Semi-Open World

Even though BioShock 4 is a couple of years away, we already see some portions of the gameplay getting describe.

BioShock 4 (or whatever its name will be) was announced by Take-Two last year. Thus, we know that the creator of the franchise, Ken Levine, is not working on the project, which is a shame – why doesn’t the publisher give him another chance? Instead, it is being handled by Cloud Chamber, likely planned as a next-gen title. It got a job listing for its Montreal studio in Quebec, Canada, that we need to inspect.

„We are looking for a dedicated, passionate and personable Lead World Designer to help us build the next experience in the BioShock universe. […] The Lead World Designer will lead a team in bringing a rich and dynamic game world to life. You’ll contribute to the design and structure of the world and own in detail how the world is populated with memorable experiences that complement the game’s main story. […]”, quoting part of the job listing. It sounds suspicious, doesn’t it? It means the game won’t be entirely linear, as it will allow you to somewhat explore some regions. Metro Exodus has done something similar last year. (We have no idea where the next BioShock could be set. The first two games had Rapture, Infinite had Columbia, a floating city.) If they make BioShock entirely open-world, it would alienate the fans of the franchise. The job listing says it will be a cross-studio project. However, keep in mind that Cloud Chamber has two locations. (This is why we brought up Montreal! The other studio is located in the US, namely in Novato, California.)

The next BioShock is likely in an early state. Its development could take a couple of years. It is likely in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Source: PSU

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