A PS4-Exclusive Getting PlayStation 5 AND Xbox One Series X Sequel As Well?

Daily Gaming Report reports Insomniac Games is working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which could be the first game directly made under Sony Interactive Entertainment’s ownership – SIE bought Insomniac last year. The site believes the game will be revealed later this year (Gamescom? State of Play? Not at E3, though – Sony is skipping it.), followed by a release in 2021.

The post says New York will grow, as it will include Brooklyn and Queens. (The former is Miles Morales’ birthplace, the latter is Peter Parker’s.) The story is rumoured to happen in the winter, and Oscorp will get a significant role in it. Cloning could also happen, and Ben Reilly might show up, too. (Ben Reilly = Scarlett Spider. A Spider-Man, just as Morales… but Reilly is a clone!) Morales, who will get new skills, will be playable in several points of the plot, and his fighting style will differ from Parker. These villains have been mentioned: Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage, Mystery, Cardiac. Insomniac has also revamped the randomised crime feature to be similar to Diablo.

The other sequel is related to The Order 1886. The 2015 steampunk TPS was beautiful but short and empty. Regarding Ready at Dawn, the devs, we have discussed their plans many times, and now they are working on a new, boundary-pushing AAA game. This could be the sequel to The Order (we don’t know when it could launch!). The information comes from a NeoGAF user, OsirisBlack. He doesn’t name the game, but the „a man armed with a gun and a shoulder-mounted light device surveys a dimly-lit room before coming across a yellow-eyed and four-armed monster” description sound like The Order. OsirisBlack says most of the trailer was actual gameplay instead of pre-rendered cutscenes, with real-time character models, lighting, and physics, all „on another level.” GamesRadar adds that this user is reliable. We left the twist for last: the game could be in development for both PlayStation 5 AND Xbox Series X. A multiplatform title?

Neither sequels have been announced yet. We’re waiting for Sony to do it.

Source: PSU, GameRant

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