Is Sony Planning A PC Port For The Last Of Us Part II?

The Last Of Us Part II – They might be stopping the „available only here and nowhere else” mentality.

Microsoft’s initiative has been going for several years. The Redmond-based company believes that the Xbox One-exclusive games should be on PC, too. (And many of them did make the jump to Windows 10!) However, Sony is in a different direction: PlayStation 4-exclusivity, period.

Last year, Sony said that the MLB: The Show, which has been a PlayStation 4-exclusive series this generation, is going to be multiplatform, meaning Sony Interactive Entertainment San Diego’s work could be available on PC shortly. Then, there was a rumour about Horizon Zero Dawn. Kotaku reported that Guerrilla Games’ game could show up on PC. Later, Media Molecule’s Dreams (which is out on PlayStation 4 on February 14) was also rumoured to get a PC version. (And let’s not forget about Death Stranding, due to launch on PC in the early summer. We don’t know when exactly.)

Naughty Dog‘s job listing is suspicious. Sure, the devs need four months to finish the game (it’s out on PlayStation 4 on May 29), but they might be thinking about the future as well. The new employee would join the rendering team, and they’d have to have a „thorough understanding of current GPU architectures,” and just AMD’s (AMD’s hardware is used by both Sony and Microsoft), but also Nvidia’s. They also wish to have someone with experience with DirectX12 and Vulkan. These aren’t something you find in a PlayStation. (Plus the „PC programming experience” seems explicit.)

Sony might be opening to the other platforms. It could be a result of PlayStation going Europe-centric. Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has put several people to key positions with European experience/education. (Including Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst to be the head of SIE Worldwide Studios.) Nintendo remained a Japanese company (we can’t recall a single foreigner at the helm of Nintendo…), so we won’t see something similar from them.

For now, The Last of Us Part II is expected on May 29, 2020 on PlayStation 4.

Source: PCGamer

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