The Last Of Us Part II: The Director’s Big Promise

Naughty Dog will give their all in one of the last PlayStation 4-exclusive titles, The Last Of Us Part II (which has been rumoured to arrive on PlayStation 5 as well…).

„Here’s the deal… You all keep being amazing fans, and we’ll keep working hard to create great games that make you proud,” Neil Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us Part II wrote on Twitter. And we should expect as such from them, as previously, we heard that the story of Ellie and Joel will continue in February, but then it was delayed by three months. (As a reminder: the game will launch on May 29, Friday, exclusively on PlayStation 4… but if the rumours about the February PlayStation 5 event is true, and Sony will use The Last of Us Part II to showcase what the PS5 could do, then we can expect a next-gen version as well.)

Druckmann wrote this tweet for a good reason – on the PlayStation Blog, we can read the best twenty games of the previous decade. As it was a fan voting event, the list wasn’t created by a list of juries but those who took the time to vote on their favourite games between 2010 and 2019. The winner is The Last of Us! The June 2013 PlayStation 3-exclusive, which got a Remastered PlayStation 4 version a year later, is thus available on the current generation, too. But let’s see the top 20, which will have a few PlayStation 3 titles as well!

  1.         The Last of Us
  2.         God of War
  3.         The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  4.         Grand Theft Auto V
  5.         Red Dead Redemption 2
  6.         The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  7.         Horizon Zero Dawn
  8.         Bloodborne
  9.         Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  10. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  11. Persona 5
  12. Dark Souls
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  14. NieR: Automata
  15. Death Stranding
  16. Red Dead Redemption
  17. Mass Effect 2
  18. Fortnite
  19. Batman: Arkham City
  20. Resident Evil 2


Congratulations to the winners, but we’d question the 18th place of Fortnite… it doesn’t have such an impact as Mass Effect 2 just one place ahead of it.

Source: DualShockers, DualShockers

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