The First Two Photos Of The Xbox Series X!

Xbox Series X – We just had to say that Microsoft has tight rules and everything to stop leaks. We might be wrong: their console has also leaked!

We have to explain the title here: at The Game Awards, we did see the Xbox Series X‘ shape in a rendered trailer, but we did not get photos of it. On Thurrott, we can now see the first two pictures of the next-gen hardware. Brad Sams, the site’s Xbox insider writer, claims the images to be legitimate.

The back of the console has ventilation holes on both sides of the ports. (And we have to say: this piece of kit looks enormous!) Then, the sticker says it’s a prototype with no product name yet. Let’s see the ports: an optical (digital) audio output port, a single HDMI port, two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, and a power port. The rectangular port in the middle looks to be a debugging port for the developers. Interestingly, someone managed to register the product number on the serial sticker. They found a non-identified device.

Let’s talk about Microsoft’s next-gen SSD. Digitimes, a Taiwanese publication says the Xbox Series X’ SSD will use a Phison controller. (No, not a gamepad! It’s an embedded processor that bridges the storage to the console.) Tom’s Hardware adds that this controller will be a PCIe 4.0 variant, which is underlined by an ex-Phison software engineer’s LinkedIn – his job listing mentions the Xbox Series X will use a Phison controller for the SSD.

Let’s get to the point: Phison‘s product number (PS5019-E19T) reveals the SSD’s speed. Its writing speed could be 2.2 GB/s, and its reading speed could go as high as 3.6 GB/s. There’s an issue, though: the controller, which got announced in August, can handle only up to 2 TB.

We haven’t seen such a leak on Sony’s side yet. Still, Microsoft wasn’t joking when they said the SSD will be fast when they showed the design of the Xbox Series X (which got christened there as well) in December. The console will launch this holiday season. Its price and release date are unknown.

Source: WCCFTech

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