Nioh 2: About The Story And The DLC [VIDEO]

Nioh 2Team Ninja has opened the floodgates about Nioh 2.

„A war-torn realm haunted by evil spirits… It is the Warring States period in Japan. The year is 1555. Never-ending warfare has transformed the nation into a land of chaos infested by demonic yokai, evil spirits who feed upon their victims. It is in this setting of relentless mayhem that we meet our protagonist, a rogue mercenary hunting down yokai in the Mino Province. This demon hunter hides a terrible secret: they are a half-breed, the orphan offspring of both human and yokai blood. Unable to find a place amongst mankind, our demon hunter journeys alone. Calamity strikes one day as our protagonist loses control of their yokai power while battling against a ferocious fiend. However, the dire situation is remedied by a wandering merchant by the name of Toukichiro who sells strange “Spirit Stones”; magic—imbued artefacts that can help the wielder communicate with yokai spirits. Our demon hunter regains control of their demonic persona.

From there on, the two decide to combine their abilities and set out together to find more of the powerful Spirit Stones, their quest being funded by an influential warlord to track down the artefacts to ensure they’re reserved for proper use. Their mission is cut short by an attack from someone – or something – also seeking the stones. They escape thanks to the help of a yokai huntswoman named Mumyo, and the three find refuge in the Owari Province, eventually ending up in the service of the great Oda Nobunaga. But their plans will be short-lived and they will once more come face to face with diabolical forces who also seek the remaining Spirit Stones. The stage is set for this epic saga of our half-breed yokai hunter- “Hideyoshi”,” the PlayStation Blog reads. Hideyoshi? It sounds like a historical reference to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He took over the rule from Oda Nobunaga (a warlord that conquered most of Japan, but never got to fully unify it!) after his death, and he was born in 1537. If Team Ninja did base the character on him, then he should be 18 during the plot (which itself is set in the Sengoku period). He died in 1598, and he was succeeded by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The Tokugawa clan has led Japan effectively until 1868, the Meiji Restoration.

Let’s see what Team Ninja wrote about the DLC: „We have three major downloadable content releases planned, with each focusing on a different storyline that pre-dates the events of Nioh 2, promising hours of additional gameplay that will provide plenty of challenge for those thirsting for more. Similar to the original Nioh, players can expect new weapons, new combat abilities and new characters, with each downloadable content incorporating both multiple main and sub-missions.

The three downloadable content packs are included in Nioh 2’s Season Pass, which forms part of the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition (now available for pre-order). In addition to the main game and downloadable content, you’ll also get premium in-game items such as the Demon Horde armour set and Kodama Netsuke Charm. For players who purchase the Nioh 2 Special Edition, in addition to the main game and Season Pass, you’ll receive an exclusive SteelBook case and “The Art of Nioh 2” booklet.”

Nioh 2 will launch on Japan 12, followed by an international release on March 13, exclusively (for now…) on PlayStation 4. You can take a look at forty images here.

Source: Gematsu

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