Death Stranding: An Extraordinarily Unique Way To Play! [VIDEO]

Death Stranding, which came out in November on PlayStation 4 (with a PC port confirmed to arrive in the early Summer days), was played uniquely…

Allen Pan works as an electrical engineer. He felt that he needed some workout, so he got a treadmill. Now comes the unexpected twist: he converted it to a PlayStation 4-compatible controller, effectively making the treadmill a DualShock 4. If that’s not enough, let’s add that he used this treadmill to play Hideo Kojima’s new game…

Sure, the idea isn’t entirely perfect, as he still uses the right stick of the DualShock 4 to control/turn the camera, but he removed the left stick, which got wired into the treadmill, allowing Pan to make Sam „Porter” Bridges, the protagonist of Death Stranding, walk or run. He went into further technical details, but the video explains it much better than we could.

Still, it is a perfect example of connecting something useful with something enjoyable. You have to move a lot in Death Stranding (after all, going across the United States to the West Coast isn’t something that you can pull off in a day in a car even…), and Pan’s unique control scheme meant he also had to move a lot. With this idea, he just put eggs on the faces of the people who say gamers are lazy.

We don’t have to say much else about the 14-minute video (aside from saying that Pan himself wasn’t sponsored by Monster, whose energy drinks are openly, blatantly advertised in the game as a useful item…). The idea is creative – human creativity indeed knows no boundaries.

Death Stranding’s PC port should get more information soon – those early Summer days aren’t that far away, and 2020’s first month is already behind us…

Source: VG247

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