PlayStation 5: Reveal Event In The Spring?

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is in a tough situation, and it could be impacting the reveal of the PlayStation 5 console.

Yesterday, we already reported about what Bloomberg wrote, regarding the price of the PlayStation 5 – although there is no final, exact figure yet, we can almost 100% expect it to cost more at launch than the PlayStation 4. Sony is rumoured to lack DRAM and NAND memory supplies, as both are highly sought after components.

We have to focus on what Hiroki Totoki says. He happens to be the chief financial officer of Sony Corporation, so he holds the key to the treasury, meaning he has insight and supervision over PlayStation. Totoki claims SIE is not in line with his expectations. He wants to get more transparency and information about the next-gen console, and it causes internal distress. (Which, let’s admit it, is not the best idea in a time when a console is expected to launch. Especially one that comes after one that has become one of the best-selling consoles of all time…)

Totoki doesn’t budge an inch from his approach. He still plans to offer guidance on the gaming business’ outlook for the next fiscal year (starting April 1) at the end of April. Thus, it’s suspicious that the PlayStation 5’s reveal could happen around the same time. (By then, they have to decide about the PS5’s pricing, even though the Xbox Series X will be a key factor in it…)

So let’s forget about February. Sony waits now a bit to see how the coronavirus situation changes, plus it could ease up the component problems. They need a good strategy for a reveal event, and that should involve the console’s pricing, too.

The PlayStation 5 launches this Holiday season.

Source: PSU

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