Remedy Is Working On Three Games

The Remedy Finnish studio is also involved in a live service project, too.

You can read Remedy’s newest fiscal report here. In it, the studio has confirmed that they are working on three games. They can afford to do so, as last year, Control and Alan Wake have brought them a lot of money (which was also pointed out by Tero Virtala, the CEO of Remedy).

One of the games will be CrossFireX‘s single-player component. We previously might have written about how Remedy will be responsible for the South Korean FPS’ single-player segment. This will show up on the Xbox One shortly. CrossFire wants a breakthrough in the West, too, as in China and the Far East, the original game has 660 million registered users.

Regarding the second game, all we know that it will be using Remedy’s „own brands.” We’d like to hint at what happened last Summer. Back then, the Finns announced that they got the publishing rights of Alan Wake back from Microsoft, meaning the writer’s IP is entirely in their hands. Thus, we highly suspect that Alan Wake 2 is eventually going to happen. (Sam Lake, Remedy’s writer, has shown maybe on Twitter last year that he’s working on something. If it wasn’t about Alan Wake’s TV series, it could have been for the sequel…) Or maybe it’s a new IP, who knows?

The third project is called Vanguard. Virtala says that this live service title wants to combine „long-term service-based multiplayer experiences with some of Remedy’s unique game features.” Since Quantum Break before Control was entirely different (and Alan Wake before both was also far different from these), we have no idea what they could mean by unique game features. Oh, and Virtala says both titles are „preparing for pre-production.”

They still have work to do with Control. They are working on the two expansions (DLC) they announced in September. One of them should be out in the middle of this year, and it could even be a crossover with Alan Wake. Also, the game could be ported to the next-gen consoles: „Control’s high quality, uniqueness and technical innovation provide opportunities to bring the game to new platforms. There is also on-going work so that we are prepared for the next generation consoles arriving in 2020,” Remedy wrote. Their Northlight engine (their creation) is ready for the next-gen.

So the team is in good shape. They deserve it.

Source: PCGamer, PSU

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