Kylotonn Is Working On A New Test Drive Unlimited Game

Test Drive Unlimited – And it was confirmed by the publisher itself – however, its name might not be instantly familiar, as they recently went through a rename…

So Benoit Clerc, the head of publishing at Nacon, told VentureBeat that Kylotonn is working on the revival of another series. But wait, Nacon? Let’s quickly explain it: the publisher was known as Bigben Interactive. The French publisher acquired the Test Drive franchise in late 2016 in Atari’s bankruptcy sale (and they also got V-Rally a bit later), and in February, Bigben Group, the parent company, merged it with Nacon, which made accessories (such as controllers), into one entity called Nacon.

„The first company is KT Racing, Kylotonn. They’re based in Paris and Lyon. They’re specialized in racing. They’re doing off-road racing with WRC (World Championship Rally), and they’re doing two-wheel racing with Isle of Man TT. They’re currently working on our biggest project by far, which is the next Test Drive Unlimited game,” Clerc told VentureBeat. Well.

Test Drive Unlimited was made by a French studio, Eden Games (Nacon and Kylotonn are both French – it stayed on home turf then…) in September 2006 for Xbox 360, then in March 2007 for PC. The PS2 port was handled by Atari Melbourne House, and it was released along with the PC version. The PSP port was released a few days later. Online racing on an island (modelled after Oahu from Hawaii), and it wasn’t bad. The sequel, still done by Eden, was released in February 2011 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and it wasn’t that great.

Test Drive Unlimited 3 (which is probably going to be its name, if Kylotonn made a new, numbered V-Rally title…) is planned to launch in late 2020 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC (as an Epic Games Store-exclusive for a year…) and possibly Google Stadia, but it might get delayed.

Source: WCCFTech

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