Mortal Shell – Your Corpse is Mine!

PREVIEW – Playstack (the publisher) and Cold Symmetry (the dev team) plans to have an „uncompromising, authentic, and hauntingly beautiful” action-RPG with the „ruthless traditions of the Souls-like genre.”


This game was known as Dungeonhaven before, and it is being developed by a 15-people team, who previously worked on „some of the biggest AAA titles on the market.”

Small team, huge game!

„For a small team like ours, developing this title in many ways felt like crossing an ocean on a paddleboard. To finally announce Mortal Shell is one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences we’ve had in our lifetimes. The last two years have been a time of non-stop growth, full of shocking revelations of sheer complexity that goes into creating a video game that you, yourself, would enjoy playing,” Cold Symmetry co-founders Andrew McLennan-Murray, Anton Gonzalez, and Vitaly Bulgarov said in a joint statement.

Waking up as an empty shell

Let’s see what Playstack says about Mortal Shell: „Awakening as an empty vessel, you will enter into a shattered and twisted world where the remains of humanity wither and rot. Implored to do the bidding of the mysterious “Dark Father,” you must traverse this tattered landscape and track down hidden sanctums of devout followers.

There, in Mortal Shell’s most hallowed grounds, you must overcome formidable foes and harvest the sacred glands. You won’t be truly alone when the dead litter your path: Scattered across this land are the remnant anima of lost warriors who can be inhabited to gain their unique abilities and knowledge of weapons. The Dark Father is desperate for you to complete your task — but to what end?

Get their shell!

The lost remains of defeated warriors are yours to use. Awaken these Mortal Shells, occupy their bodies and significantly widen your understanding of different forms of combat. Inhabit a Shell that best fits your style and utilizes their unique mastery of skills and weapon upgrades.

The stronger your connection to each Mortal Shell grows, the better you can harness their innate talents. Craft unique upgrades, sharpen your blade with acid and study dark arcane abilities that imbue your attacks with supernatural devastation.

Strategy is important

Combat is strategic and deliberate. Survival demands superior awareness, precision and instincts. You must commit your sword only when an opportunity opens. Calculate your parries to unleash devastating counterblows.

Your path is guarded by desperate adversaries, devoted to inscrutable gods. Behold creatures both pitiable and grotesque, but do not let fear halt your journey. Muster your courage and face them down. Draw your path across marsh-infested lowlands, through a gargantuan cathedral of obsidian rock, and into an ancient crypt frozen into the crest of a mountain.”

Get the beta!

Mortal Shell will have a closed beta, and you can register on its website. The game is planned to come in the third quarter of the year (July-September) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).


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Publisher: PlayStack

Developer: Cold Symmetry

Genre: Role-Playing

Relase date: TBA

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