Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 – Return to Royalty: A Knight’s Tale Reborn in the Sequel of the Realistic RPG

PREVIEW – Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 heralds its grand return as the most authentic medieval RPG currently in the limelight, announcing its comeback with an exhilarating first trailer and a vast, newly expanded open world. Warhorse Studios has also shared a sneak peek into the release timeline for this much-anticipated role-playing epic.


It’s hard to believe, but six years have elapsed since the debut of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Today, despite its flaws, this game remains a standout in the RPG genre, acclaimed for its staunch dedication to realism. This commitment extends from its narrative and historical settings to its combat mechanics, where every sword fight feels like a life-or-death duel, even against the most trivial foes. This tradition continues in the visually stunning sequel that has just been unveiled, complete with a captivating trailer showcasing numerous in-game scenes. And perhaps the most exciting news: Kingdom Come: Deliverance II launches this year! What’s on the horizon? The team at Warhorse Studios pledges an experience that surpasses its predecessor in every aspect, fulfilling the original vision that sparked this medieval RPG saga. “What we are doing now is what it was supposed to be at the beginning but we couldn’t do it because we didn’t have the necessary resources, nor the experience,” reveals Daniel Vávra, the game’s creative director.

The sequel will transport players to a new region featuring an open world twice as vast as before. “In the first game we had three hours of cinematics; now, there are over five. The size of the world has doubled as well,” the creative director explains. The narrative is longer and more epic, moving beyond the quaint troubles of village life, like bandit raids, to tackle dilemmas befitting kings. The story’s protagonist, Henry, now a knight of renown, ventures to the majestic city of Kuttenberg, once among Europe’s wealthiest during the medieval era. Exploring its streets promises to be an unparalleled adventure, as Warhorse Studios aims to create one of the most intricate and imposing settings in the genre. “It’s even too big,” Vávra jokes about the city’s scale.

A medieval RPG where your choices craft the story

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is designed to enhance everything admired in the original game, including offering more breathtaking graphics. “We have proven that the Kingdom Come premise works, and now we can elevate it to a new level, which was always our goal,” states its director. How will they achieve this? By granting players more freedom to explore and interact within this expansive open world. “Kingdom Come: Deliverance feels like a classic RPG. It consistently surprises you with what is and isn’t possible,” notes another executive. In this adventure, you might be a noble knight or a crafty thief, or perhaps a charismatic individual who doesn’t rely on a sword to accomplish goals.

The refined game mechanics ensure that each action carries consequences. If you choose to be harsh, expect to see fear in people’s eyes. Notorious thieves will notice wary glances cast their way, as if everyone is watching their every move. Henry has multiple ways to handle such situations. For instance, if found drunk and undressed in the street, you can apologize meekly or retort rudely with a “Fuck you!” The revamped crime system ensures that your reputation, good or bad, precedes you throughout Bohemia.

Realistic action meets spectacular graphics

Combat in the sequel remains true to its roots—authentic and perilous. “We want you to feel the danger from your foes on the battlefield. We want you to fight for your life,” asserts Viktor Bocan, the director of swordplay. These duels are not just historically accurate for the sake of authenticity but aim to fully immerse players. “If realism is what you seek,” he adds, “it’s about the immersion; feeling the sword in your grip.” New weaponry like crossbows and some of the earliest firearms of the 15th century enhance the combat experience, making every encounter a spectacle.

The depiction of weaponry and armor, alongside the animations of combatants, are meticulously crafted using the CryEngine to transport players back to 15th century Bohemia, aspiring once again to set the benchmark for realism in medieval-themed games. The attention to detail—from the impact of strikes to the way a soldier lowers his helmet visor before battle—underscores the developers’ commitment to authenticity. Kingdom Come: Deliverance II also boasts a variety of locales, from bustling cities and mining districts to lush forests brimming with wildlife, ancient ruins, and hidden treasures awaiting the keenest explorers.

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The main boss? The King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox!

Players will enjoy the freedom to tailor Henry’s skills and appearance, and engage in diverse activities such as blacksmithing, archery, and potion-making. All while navigating a plot that pits them against none other than the King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox. This story, the developers assure, is crafted so that even those new to the series can jump right in and appreciate the continuing adventures of Henry.

Scheduled for release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, the anticipation for Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is palpable. This first glimpse suggests a promising future, and if Warhorse Studios delivers on its promises, this sequel will realize the dreams of gamers worldwide who yearn for a knightly saga with a realistic twist and the spirit of the grand old-school RPGs.

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