Quantum Error: Real-Time Ray Tracing In The Next-Gen Horror

TeamKill Media thinks it’s fairly easy to implement ray tracing in the game.

Previously, Chris Grannell, an ex-Sony developer (who worked on Killzone 2 and WipEout), was misunderstood by some publications, such as TechRadar, by taking a quote out of context. He had to clarify himself: „I’m sure right near the start I said the PlayStation 5 was a beast. I went on to say the Xbox Series X is more powerful in many ways but it didn’t mean what Sony has put together is a piece of crap,” he said. Fair enough.

TeamKill Media, the developers of Quantum Error, talked about how they are implementing ray tracing in their sci-fi survival horror title: „The thing we have noticed is things have to be as perfect as possible when viewing things with ray-tracing as anything not done right is very obvious in this type of lighting and reflections.”

What about photorealism? „We are definitely going for as photo-realistic as possible within what is capable and still run at 60 frames-per-second, but at the same time if something supports an artistic vision that is not 100 per cent photorealistic, but is awesome, we are cool with that too,” they added. That is a decent approach: they won’t go off the path unless they think it is a good idea.

Quantum Error is developed with the PlayStation 5 in mind. This is the primary platform for the game, meaning the PlayStation 4 port will be developed after the PS5 original is done. They aren’t sure whether it will be a launch title, though. The console is planned to launch this Holiday season, but even that might not happen due to the coronavirus.

Let’s hope the PlayStation 5’s proper reveal – which could happen in May – will bring us some new footage of this game as well.

Source: PSL

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